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What can you expect from an edit?

How will I know if you are the editor for me?

The best way to discover if I am the right editor for you is to contact me via my business email and tell me about yourself and your ambitions for your writing. You should then attach the first 3-5 pages of your manuscript for me to assess. I offer a free sample edit service, and this should help you decide if you want to commit to collaborating with me. Contact me: for further information.

Are you a qualified and experienced editor?

I have 13 years of solid editorial experience and success. I am registered with the Chartered Institute of Editors.

What kind of editor are you?

I am a developmental editor focusing on Adult, YA and Children’s Fiction. My job is to help you target your market by shaping your story into a commercial novel fit for publication. I also offer copyediting and pre-publication proofreading services. To find out more about my editorial services, head over to my homepage and download my brochure.

Will an edit with you help me get published?

An edit will certainly improve your chances of getting published, but do remember that manuscripts are subjective; agents and publishers have their own literary taste that they adhere to. Literary fashions come and go, so this is something to be aware of.

Is my copyright safe with you?

Yes – 100%! I will not share your novel or the premise of it with any other person. My only aim is to edit your manuscript to the best of my abilities.

Will my writing improve after an edit with you?

Yes – absolutely! The edit is guaranteed to enrich your writing and help you to become the best writer you can possibly be. My aim is to enlighten you on the strengths and weaknesses of your manuscript, so you can dramatically improve. Just read my Google reviews to see the high level of customer satisfaction.

How will you edit my manuscript?

I use Word Track Changes which is the industry standard. I will make line- to-line comments on every aspect of your manuscript. For further information, click on the service page that interests you to discover more.

What format do I send my manuscript to you in?

Please forward your full manuscript double spaced and in a word document. The font should be size 12-14.

How do I pay for my edit?

Initially, you will need to agree to my terms and conditions. These can be accessed on my website. Once you have agreed, I will send you an invoice and the payment must be made in full, 5 working days prior to the edit .commencing. The price is determined by the word count. This can range in cost depending on what service you have chosen.

Once I have forwarded my full manuscript, will I receive updates?

I cannot give you progress updates, but I will contact you on the date we have agreed for the delivery of your project.

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