The Mini-Comprehensive Edit

Why choose The Mini-Comprehensive Edit?

The Mini-Comprehensive edit offers all that the Comprehensive Edit does, but with a set word count and budget. It features everything included in the Comprehensive Edit but on a smaller scale of 10,000 words.

I will assess; premise, plot, character constructions, point of view, dialogue and fluidity alongside chapter sequencing, time lapses, shown over told, word repetition, grammar and punctuation, whilst making the author aware of clichés and stereotypes.

The mini - edit can expertly pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses, and therefore transform your writing from that of a beginner to one of a professional.

This service is ideal for small budgets and big ambitions, and is particularly useful for authors who wish to make a lasting impression on literary agents, as their assessment of a manuscript is often based solely on the first three chapters of a novel.

If you want to avoid sitting on the literary agent slush pile, and increase your chances of being signed, then the Mini- Comprehensive is the best way for you to get started.

My bespoke editorial service will give you crucial feedback at an affordable price, and also comes with a written a detailed critique and overview of your novel.

This service has a set price of £145.50

The editorial format used is Microsoft Word Tracking.

The Mini-Comprehensive

(the first 10,000 words of a manuscript) includes an assessment of:
• Wording and phrasing in relation to narrative voice, POV, age and gender of the main protagonist and other characters.
• Dialogue authenticity: style, flow and tagging.
• Chapter sequencing: pace and flow.
• Word repetition.
• Possible clichés and metaphor construction.
• Character Consistency.
• Told versus shown.
• Structure.
• Spelling, grammar, punctuation and syntax.
• A detailed critique of your sample.

Client Comments

I was referred to Shelley by a literary agent who felt that my book needed further editing. I’d used literary agencies in the past, with mixed experiences, but Shelley seemed to offer something different – a truly personal service, rather than a fairly anonymous book report with little back-up. Not to mention an expertise in children’s and YA literature that is second to none.

Shelley was amazingly prompt. Within a week of sending off my manuscript, she returned a comprehensive set of notes, with both an overview of the book, its strengths and weaknesses, as well as suggestions for improvement. In addition, her line-by-line analysis of my prose helped me to identify habits and quirks I needed to attend to, as well as drawing attention to where I could further strengthen the narrative and characterization.

But above and beyond her skills as an editor and YA lit doctor, Shelley offered a level of emotional support that proved invaluable. At a point when I was ready to abandon my book completely, unable to see a way forward, Shelley’s resolute ‘kick up the backside’ was just what I needed. Her faith in the book motivated me to move past the obstacles I’d set up in my head and forge ahead. The revision did not actually prove as difficult as I feared, and undoubtedly made the book a lot stronger – when I resubmitted it to agents, I was lucky enough to gain considerable interest.

Emma Haughton, Published Novelist, Now you See Me

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