The Agent Submission Service

How might the Agent Submission Service help you get published?

The Agent Submission Service will increase your chances of gaining agent representation through my perfected five-step plan.

If you have contacted me about this service, your manuscript has most likely gone through several stages of editing from developmental and structural to a quality control proofread.

There are literally hundreds of agents who are all eager to read a manuscript that has been expertly edited. Most agents receive around 10,000 manuscripts a year, and have a critical eye for spotting a narrative that truly excites them.

After working as a Submissions and Developmental Editor at the Eve White Agency, I have first-hand experience of what makes agents tick, and what motivates them to contact you, and to ask to see your full manuscript.

More importantly, I know what they don’t like; a shabbily prepared submission that does not give them what they want. In this scenario, your submission will be deleted in seconds rather than minutes.

So how can I help you achieve your goal and stand out from the slush pile?

Firstly - I will help you choose five to ten literary agents to submit your first three chapters to.

Secondly - I'll then carefully research their submission policies and ensure your first three chapters are editorially perfect.

Thirdly - once this has been achieved, I'll prepare a dynamic personal biography that speaks volumes to the agents you have chosen.

I'll then provide an enticing assimilation and snapshot description of your novel, and to conclude, make personal contact with the agents of your choice and submit on your behalf.

This service has a set price of £979.00

The Agent Submission Service

The Agent Submission Service will considerably increase your chances of gaining agent representation through my five-step plan:
• I will help you choose five to ten Literary Agents for your submission.
• I’ll ensure your first three chapters read like a published novel.
• I will prepare a dynamic author biography that will interest agents.
• I’ll create an enticing snapshot assimilation/description of your novel.
• I can personally contact the agents you have chosen and submit to them on your behalf.

Client Comments

Shelley was an indispensable help when I was editing my book for my agent. She gave me an insightful overview of where the book needed to be taken and then provided great encouragement and excellent feedback as I revised the manuscript chapter by chapter. Her enthusiasm and support were second to none.

Kate Scott, Boy in Tights

Boy in Tights book

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