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The Comprehensive Edit


Here at The Book Editorial Expert, my mission is to help you transform your novel and maximise your chances of getting published.

Are you in need of a comprehensive editing service for your manuscript?

What's Involved?

The Comprehensive Edit does exactly as the name suggests. This service will see me conduct an in-depth review of your entire manuscript, assessing every aspect of your writing. This includes everything from the sentences and structure to the style and tone of your novel.

As an experienced developmental line editor, I will also provide you with essential feedback on plot and characterisation. I can also help create a clear narrative and point of view, as well as assess past and present tense alongside the commercial viability of your manuscript.


What do my years of editorial experience guarantee?

Of course, one of the most important aspects is your target audience. That is why I will always ensure your manuscript is tailored to them. I have years of experience in editing novels and know what the standards and expectations of publishers are.

What will I examine?

I will examine the overall structure, pace, plot, and voice of your manuscript. I can also help to analyse the construction of each main character, ensuring the reader can clearly bring them to life in their mind.

I guarantee honest and professional feedback, so it is important that authors are open to constructive criticism. I will work closely with you, revising your manuscript as required until it is perfected and ready for publication.


My Comprehensive Edit will aim to highlight:

Wording and phrasing in relation to the narrative voice, point of view, age and gender of the main protagonist and other characters, alongside the basic premise and plot.

  • Dialogue authenticity: style, flow and tagging.
  • Chapter sequencing, pace and flow.
  • Word repetition.
  • Cliches and metaphor construction.
  • Character consistency.
  • Told versus shown.
  • Narrative structure.
  • Spelling, grammar, punctuation and syntax.

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This service also includes the opportunity to receive a detailed critical overview report which has proved to be invaluable for budding authors of all levels.