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Sensitivity/Inclusive Editing

One invaluable service we offer is sensitivity reading – a critical step in ensuring that your narrative authentically portrays diverse experiences and perspectives.

So, what exactly is sensitivity reading, and why might you need one? Let’s delve into it.

Sensitivity reading involves having a qualified reader, such as myself, review your manuscript to provide feedback on the portrayal of marginalised identities, experiences, and cultures. This process aims to identify and address any potential stereotypes, inaccuracies, or insensitive portrayals that could unintentionally harm or misrepresent marginalised communities.

Now, you might be wondering why sensitivity reading is necessary. Here's why:

Cultural Authenticity:

If your story features characters from diverse backgrounds, it’s crucial to ensure that their experiences are portrayed authentically and respectfully. Sensitivity readers can offer valuable insights to help you accurately capture cultural nuances and avoid harmful stereotypes.


Representation Matters:

In today’s world, readers are increasingly seeking stories that reflect the diversity of human experiences. By incorporating sensitivity reading into your editing process, you can ensure that your work contributes to more inclusive and representative literature.

Avoiding Harmful Tropes:

Even with the best intentions, authors may unintentionally perpetuate harmful tropes or stereotypes in their writing. Sensitivity readers can help identify and rectify these issues, ensuring that your narrative is respectful and empathetic towards all communities.


Cultural Sensitivity:

Sensitivity reading goes beyond mere accuracy – it’s about fostering empathy and understanding for individuals from different backgrounds. By engaging with sensitivity readers, you show a commitment to cultural sensitivity and responsible storytelling.

In essence, sensitivity reading is an essential tool for authors committed to creating inclusive and authentic narratives. It’s a proactive step towards ensuring that your story resonates with readers from diverse backgrounds while avoiding unintentional harm or offense.

 I passionately believe in the power of sensitivity reading to elevate your manuscript to its fullest potential, and I’m here to provide thoughtful feedback and guidance, helping you navigate complex issues with sensitivity and respect.

So, if you're ready to take your manuscript to the next level of inclusivity and authenticity,

Consider incorporating sensitivity reading into your editing process. Your readers – and your story – will thank you for it.