Tips for Writing Your First Romance Novel

If you dream of writing a romance novel, then take a look at all my tips and tricks to help you understand how to write romance and and target the right audience.

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Women’s Fiction and How to Write it

Women’s Fiction is a highly established and commercially successful genre. Learn the basic principles of writing for women and discover the fundamental rules and top tips to help you get published.

Children’s Fiction and How to Write it.

If you have a burning desire to write Children’s Fiction but aren’t quite sure, where to begin, look no further than my expert advice on the dynamic genre. Learn how and what to write with essential tips on getting published.

How to Submit the Perfect Agent Submission

Creating the perfect agent submission is not rocket science, yet so may writers get it wrong, and in doing so, leave no lasting impression whatsoever on the agents they have made the effort to submit to.

How to write like a pro!

If you have ambitious plans for your manuscript, then you should definitely place importance on applying the correct grammar and punctuation. Without this, your manuscript will not make much sense.

Do you need an expert editor?

An expert editor will see blind spots, inconsistencies, literary flaws, dialogue weaknesses and much more. They will also assist you in strengthening your narrative by showing you how to create excellent plot twists and turns alongside developing your character constructions.