About The Book Editorial Expert

Who is the Book Editorial Expert?

Hi, I’m Shelley Routledge, Director of the Book Editorial Expert. Are you looking for an  affordable and highly effective developmental editor? When it comes to finding the right fiction editor to help you develop your book and get it published, I know how tough it can be. That is why my mission is to provide a fresh and engaging approach to fiction editorial.

A bit about me

After securing my MA in Children’s Literature, my developmental editorial career began at The Eve White Literary Agency. My time here saw me editing and working with authors across a huge spectrum of fiction genres. Since then, I have gone on to provide proofreading and editing services to a host of renowned authors. This includes the likes of Costa shortlisted Sarah Naughton, Kim Slater, June Taylor, Lara Williamson, Emma Haughton and Rupert Wallis. Many of them have gone on to be shortlisted for numerous literary prizes in the UK and beyond. 

I am a member of The Chartered Institute of Editors and Proofreaders, ACES,  PEN and the Editorial Freelancers Association. I hold certifications with these organisations and always aim to maintain an up-to-date editorial skill set.

What can you expect?

My proofreading services are focused on creating a collaborative process. As a qualified, successful and experienced editor, I know what it takes to write an engaging novel, and I take great pride in helping writers master their craft and become authors. No matter what level your manuscript is currently at, with hard work, commitment and discipline, together, we can transform your writing standards and increase your chances of success.

Comprehensive proofreading and editing services

To ensure you have the very best chance of achieving your literary dreams, I offer a comprehensive range of editorial services, suitable for all budgets. I'll undertake a detailed editorial assessment of your manuscript. This includes a bespoke critical overview of your writing, helping you to understand areas such as character construction, plot, chapter sequencing, syntax and dialogue, highlighting the places you can enhance your writing.

Alongside this, I will also provide you with a critical overview that includes a personalised reading list, writing exercises alongside tips and tricks to help you improve your knowledge of commercial fiction. Each author is also given a clear bullet point rewrite plan to address these issues; something that has proved invaluable to my clients.

I pride myself on offering a fresh and engaging outlook to all of my proofreading and editing services. I know how it feels to have your work critiqued, which is why I focus on creating a friendly environment that is committed to your success.

Start your journey today!

From the moment we start our collaboration, you can be guaranteed that I’ll be working tirelessly to help you perfect your novel. So, if you are looking for a professional book editor, get in touch today!

I'm a collaborative, engaging editor who prides herself in working closely with emerging and established writers and transforming them into prize-winning authors.

Want to start discussing your manuscript?

Have a manuscript you need support on? My goal is to transform your writing and achieve success. So if you are looking for professional proofreading and editing services, get in touch today to start discussing your project.
Email: thebookeditorialexpert@gmail.com