Do you need an expert editor?

Do you need an expert editor?

Do you need an expert editor?


An expert editor will reassure you that the blockbuster novels you often read are unlikely to  have been created by literary geniuses. You might be forgiven for thinking famous authors submit their manuscripts to agents and publishers and somehow strike gold. If only it was that simple! However, after 10 years of editing hundreds of manuscripts, I know that getting published  is rarely anything to do with luck. In other words, it is everything to do with hard work, perseverance, resilience, and dare I say, collaborating with an expert editor.


Does hiring an editor help with gaining agent representation?


It takes grit determination and a lot of self-discipline to write a novel. However, it also takes an enormous amount of courage and self-belief to take a manuscript forwards. For instance, approaching an editor, and making the decision to hire one can vastly improve your chances of agents noticing you. The opening paragraph alone can be a make or break situation. Getting it right can save your submission from falling into a literary abyss.


Should you consider hiring an Editor?


If you have finished writing your novel and are considering what publishing route to go down, why not think about investing in some form of editorial assistance?  In other words, invest in your writing if your aim is to become a much improved writer who is aware of strengths and weaknesses. This will also help you throughout your writing journey, whether it is one novel or several you complete.


What type of editorial assistance do you need?


An expert editor will see blind spots, inconsistencies, flaws, dialogue weaknesses and much more. Above all, they will assist you in strengthening your narrative by showing you how to create excellent plot twists and turns, and create strong character constructions. For instance, developing a good plot and creating a memorable protagonist who resonates is vital, if you want to sell multiple copies of your book and gain publicity for it.


An expert editor will consider:


1. Chapter sequencing
2. Dialogue
3. Scene-setting
4. Pace, drama and tension
5. Character point of view and development
6. Character intention and interaction
7. Narrative structure
8. Plot connectivity
9. Time slips
10. Grammar and punctuation/past and present tense


Lay down your editorial foundations


Once these editorial foundations have been laid, the writer has a much more solid framework for building their narrative on. The polished result should be a memorable novel with universal themes that resonate with the public.


Published author, June Taylor offers her advice


June Taylor, author of Losing Juliet and Keep Your Friends Close has benefited from the help of many editors when she says:


Writing is a solitary process. A magical one! Creating characters and stories, making them come alive to the page. But in the end, unless you’re an absolute genius, you cannot make your manuscript the best it can possibly be without a good editor to guide you. A good editor is what every writer needs. No matter what level you are at. But if you are just starting out this will be the best investment you ever make. To be a good writer, you need a good editor.”


Turn your manuscript around!


Without a doubt, an expert editor can turn a manuscript around, particularly if the assistance required involves developmental or structural changes. It can make the difference between a story being told or completely forgotten.


As Sarah J Naughton, author of several critically acclaimed novels states:

A good structural edit is the difference between getting an agent and languishing forever on the slush pile.”

Discover the different styles of editing


For more information on the different types of book editing, download my free advice brochure on my homepage. Contact me to discover how I can add that extra dynamic and innovative edge to your novel. I’d love to help!

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